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CoQmax™ Ubiquinol 200mg

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  • Ubiquinol, the bioactive form of CoQ10, supports antioxidant activity by neutralizing free radicals and toxic superoxides. It supports cytoprotection by minimizing membrane lipid peroxidation as well. The patented, lipid-stabilized form of ubiquinol in CoQmax Ubiquinol 200 mg is present for enhanced bioavailability. Ubiquinol, representing over 90% of total body CoQ10, is efficiently converted to the energy-generating ubiquinone form as the body needs it.*
  • Clinical Applications
    • Supports Antioxidant Activity in Lymph, Blood, and Cell Membranes*
    • Provides Fully Reduced Form of CoQ10*
    • Neutralizes Superoxide and Other Free Radicals*
    • Patented, Stabilized Form of Ubiquinol*